Time Is Only An Excuse You Are Using To Keep You feeling Safe…

STOP being a slave to time… It only exists as a linear concept in your mind because of your minds need to create patterns that provide meaning to your personal experience of reality and toward future orientation… Which paradoxically is heavily influenced by all your past experiences of your reality in relation to this concept we call time.

Understand that most people use time constraints as an excuse to stay exactly where they are. Even if the current experience is not desired, you need to recognise that emotionally it is safe for you. In other words where you are right now is exactly where you want to be… It has nothing to do with time, or time constraints, that is only a story you are telling yourself out of FEAR of some associated future pain relating to change, that also only exists in your mind.

And for those of you this does not apply to because you are genuinely just so busy, with a huge amount of workload…  You are in denial and your workload is simply your excuse, so stop blaming time. The only reason you are not taking the small steps to find a better way is because you feel safe in your excuse.

You can only control what you can control and ultimately that is the world within you and create systems to regulate the world out with you. Being a slave to time is simply allowing external circumstances to control you. Take back your power, understanding and accepting, with belief, that if you commit to prioritise with ‘intent’ small actions every day that work on you, your career, your business and your life, then the current time constraints and associated stresses you are experiencing will dissolve.

START by recognising your current belief system probably considers that balance and efficiency are a function of managing your time and consider a new belief where the key to balance and efficiency is in managing your Intentional Energy. ‘Time Management’ as a concept is completely outdated as you have a super computer in your pocket right now that should make you more efficient, when in reality you are more time bound than ever…

It’s not about managing your time; it is about managing your energy in the domains for Your Body, Your Mind, Your Emotions and Your Human Spirit… What would your life be like if you had more energy in these domains? Might you be more efficient and balanced?

You can choose now to keep on feeling safe and SPEND your time for little return, or you can re-learn how to INVEST your time with intent to gain future choices…

Choose To Climb

Derek Mair

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