Never Stop Learning

Become a student of life, a continuous learner, never be defeated by any obstacle placed onto your path, it is simply the universe re-directing you towards a different destination.

Even if you can’t see it right now find the courage to get up, step up, and never give up! You are enough just as you are, be steadfast in your resolve to keep going for success is not a destination, it often lies on the other side of many disappointments, and can only ever be seen when you look back in reflection and process the lesson therein, it is only ever through constant and never ending improvement that you will come to find real fulfilment in life. Keep going and love all that you are now.

Only you can, don’t wait for permission, acceptance or  support. If where you are isn’t inspiring you to become more and encouraging you to grow stop doing it. Today make a decision and start living with the expectation of better for you, if you are interested you will do what is convenient or nothing at all, but when you are committed you WILL do whatever it takes to have that life realised.

Those people we encounter throughout life who claim to know everything, deny themselves the very things that could provide them with the missing links, no one knows it all and when you believe this about yourself you miss the opportunity to evolve with other like minded souls, whose only goal in a forward moving universe is always towards expansion. A closed mind has no capacity for growth.

Open your mind to new learning and Choose To Climb

Geraldine Mair

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