I Was Blind And Now I See

When I was a child my Gran was completely blind and I once asked her what it was like to be blind… Her reply confused me and at the time I really did not understand what she was trying to tell me… She Replied…

“I am not actually blind Derek I just can’t see like you and I hope one day you can understand that I still have the ability to visualise my surroundings, I  have a strong sense of touch to feel things in a way other people don’t take the time to, I have an acute sense of smell of the wonderful world around me, I can vividly experience in my minds eye the food I taste allowing me to savour every mouthful, and because I am not influenced by visual perception I have the gift of being able to truly listen to people instead of just hearing them”. I have also learned to control my emotions, especially those perceptual fears that plagued me when I first went blind, and most importantly Derek , I have regained the imagination of a child that helps me to create my world…  It is actually most sighted people that are blind”  Peggy Mair

I do now understand Gran and try to see everyday like you”.

Choose To Climb

Derek Mair

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