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My name is Geraldine Mair (Nicol) and I was born in the winter of 1968, raised in a working-class family and the youngest of three children; all girls. I enjoyed a pretty standard upbringing that was happy and shared with many friends. I have always enjoyed the arts and I often showed flair towards drawing and music.

St Patricks Primary School in her home town of Troon was where I learned all things educational and then I went on to Queen Margaret Academy when i finished my formal education at 17 years of age. Initially my wish was to train as a hairdresser and had been since I was very young again I loved the creative flair that was attached to this career, but after only a short time in the role my allergies to the chemicals became so bad I was unable to continue and had to cut that path short. I Married Derek, my best friend in the summer of 1990 and I am happy to say we are still together today and still enjoying the journey, our only son Christopher arrived in June 1994 and he has been the light of our lives ever since.

Most of my adult life was spent in food retail and although it was fun for the most part, it was never really me and deep down I think I always knew that, but like so many others at this point I had responsibilities and a mortgage that pushed any alternative desire to be something more into the background the opportunity arose where I tried to improve my position and put myself foreatd for a programme that was recruiting them for hr managers the only problem was that I had to get a recommendation from my manager but due to the narrow minded attitude of that one individual the idea was squashed before it even has a chance to take root. I didn’t realise it then as I was so disappointed but it gave me the impetuous to change right there and them and i decided to hand in my badge and follow a different path even though i was unsure where it would lead at the time. I sampled several other positions in a variety of jobs from estate agency to administration work but eventually decided to look into the concept of something that might make a difference towards others with a greater reward.

At this point my husband was going through his own transition and had moved away from the corporate world and decided to go it on his own; in doing so he crossed the pond for training in Las Vegas to become a certified business coach. During this time the company he was invested in introduced him to the world of personal development at a deep level something neither of us had had much experience of in our prior careers. When Derek came home and raved about this to me i was also hooked and went from strength to strength filling all my spare time with books, videos and mentors that served to enhance those earlier learning’s. This became the catalyst and helped me to develop a belief that anything was possible and it sent me down a different path that was to become the start of a brand new journey. So After 25 years in the same career I discovered a college course that was to arm me with something I had never really experience before a driving desire to give back and help people became my dream. So, when I was 45 I invested my time studying to become a fully qualified complimentary and holistic therapist. I completed additional diplomas in areas to expand that knowledge to support my practice. I started a business as soon as i was trained, and the level of fulfilment that came with that decision still makes me happy today.

After only a few months it became apparent that so many others were having challenges that resonated with me, things that I had myself managed to overcome, so I decided to use social media as a tool to write upbeat positive passages in the hope that it might inspire or uplift others in a constructive way.  It wasn’t long before I found I had a following of like minded people that were gaining hope from the words I was writing. I started to receive private messages requesting that I write a book with motivational passages for people to keep. So in the spring of 2015 I embraced the challenge, and set to work on the first draft of the manuscript, the completion of this goal was realised in the spring of 2017 and is now the beginning of a new career for myself and my husband.

The new book launches at the beginning of December 2017 and is the first in a set of five that are already in development the first instalment is called Choose to Climb Reaching Your Personal Summit. This is the birth of a new company and a brand that we are both building; our dream is to encourage others to reach for a better life, instead of settling for less through learned behaviours or restrictions that they have placed on themselves, that are keeping so many in very uncomfortable situations they would rather escape from. I never believed that my life could look the way that is does now, but I have come to understand that it is only in the development of yourself can you ever reach your full potential in this life, I hope that those who read my story will resonate fully if they are in a position of stalemate and do not believe that anything can ever change. Know this it actually can and I am a great example of this. I have had many challenges during this journey, financial and personal but both have served me well, in reflection I have become a woman of substance who no longer tolerates things that readily kept me in a state of inertia due to the nature of many things I choose to surround myself with. Together with my husband the plans for Choose to Climb Seminars are now being realised.

2018 update: Amazon No1 Best Seller – Excerpt from ‘Choose To Climb Reaching Your Personal Summit’ Intro

This book’s title came about from a story that my husband shared with me over seven years ago. After training to be a business coach, Derek was inspired to write a blog that was influenced by a business and financial mentor, the subject matter was on following your passion despite the risks.

In Switzerland there is a range of Alpine mountains and the sixth largest is the Breithorn. Many have succeeded in reaching its summit, however, a good number have lost their life on this and neighbouring peaks, in the pursuit of this aim. The blog is centred on climbing this mountain, and referenced as a metaphor to scale your challenges in life.

At the foot of the mountain is a village called Zermatt, and there in a small graveyard where some of the souls who failed to reach the summit have been laid to rest? This is not a place of sorrow or defeat but one of quiet confidence and power. One headstone of a young male climber only 17 years of age captures this energy best and reads…

“I Chose to Climb”.

When I heard this I said to my husband it would be a great name for a book as you can choose to climb in all areas of your life. It was only a passing comment back then, however, when I decided to write this book that story came back into my mind and due to the content, I knew then it could have no other name. I give thanks for all those who dedicated their lives in the pursuit of their dreams and especially to the young man whose sacrifice has become his legacy and the catalyst for the title of this manuscript.

I hope that many others who read this story will develop the courage to ascend their own mountain, instead of ambling at the foot of the hills where no progress can ever be made, so regardless of the outcome or what lies ahead in the pursuit of individual excellence make this the beginning of your new story and ………Choose To Climb”


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