Our goal at Summit Club is to bring people together with the intention of enriching the lives of each other.  We are committed to helping you achieve the goals and lifestyle you want…while having incredible balance and joy in your life...

If you like Personal Development or want to find out how it will enhance your life, your relationships, your health, your career, your finances, your fun and leisure, while making life long friends, then SUMMIT CLUB is for you…


Supporting you through this time is now is our mission, as we understand the benefits of weathering any storm when you have a community at your back. Choose us, to help you navigate this crisis and beyond, with all the tools, support and encouragement that you will need.

We are offering Summit Club FREE to all during Lockdown.

These will be live weekly webinars where we offer valuable content covering many interesting wellbeing and personal growth topics for you to interact and ask questions, voice your concerns, share ideas of what is working for you and we of course will continue to look for ideas to share to benefit you all. Running every Thursday evening from 6:50pm for 1hr 15mins. Let’s use this time wisely, learn new things and build a foundation where we can all rise.

  • Now is the time for you to overcome your mental and emotional obstacles and accelerate your progress toward your goals and dreams.
  • Now is the time to be learning how you can upgrade your brain to a better you, one that can thrive in the future.
  • Now is the time for you to find the answers you have been searching for and the support network to help you implement them...

Click on any 'JOIN THE CLIMB' buttons  to register for the Free Live Weekly Webinars from the comfort and safety of your own home. Join today individually or as a family, we can’t wait to connect with you.

Let’s do this!

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“True visionaries are those who are never beaten by any problems; through inspired actions they always find the solutions they seek, whilst those who never search for answers will always be sinking in theirs.”   Geraldine Mair

At Summit Club you will learn the fundamental about how you work and self development strategies from our Summit Leaders


If you could have done it on your own then you would have done it by now… the real difference, the ‘missing gap’ that drives lasting change is a positive reinforcing support network.

“Your true friends will be the ones that support you when you are in pain as well as celebrating your wins; this is the real measure of the bond between souls.”


“How powerful and brilliant you were born is only limited by your belief in how powerful and brilliant you are.”  Derek Mair

When your internal image, thoughts, feelings and dialog of the person you want to Be matches the person your are Being in your external reality, most of the time, you will be aligned with the creation process.

The Climb...

Beliefs are repetitive patterns of thoughts and behaviours acquired through experience…

A Habit is when you have repeated that pattern so many times you have programmed your subconscious mind-body to expect it….

Emotions are simply the end product of  those recalled past expectations...

That create repeat neuro-chemical reactions YOU have become addicted to...

So realise that when you try to Climb you are fighting against the programmed familiar...

Where your lower conscious ego and your emotional-self feel safe;

Survival Mode

To Climb you need to break those neuro-chemical additions;

By living in the Now and raising  your awareness to a higher level of consciousness where the Unfamiliar becomes the Familiar

Where applied knowledge about how you work formats better internal questions... 

That leads you to new experiences that form empowering beliefs and improved emotional intelligence...

Where your NEW influencers, the support network within Summit Club...

Help you to maintain momentum towards your true YOU.

Creation Mode

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Step Into Your Greatness

Our purpose at Choose to Climb is to awaken your consciousness to better choices and our passion is to build a global community of like minded people who help each other grow.

Summit Club is one of the ways we achieve that. It is an online global community whose members have the opportunity to meet and interact online once  per month. Join Derek and Geraldine on your exclusive live interactive 60 minute Summit Club - Personal Development Networking.

I will start where I am with what I have and I will begin to appreciate my true essence. When I see my reflection I will remember I am a miracle and age does not change that, it simply shows me what an amazing journey my life has been and the gift I’ve had to participate in all of it. I am a Summit Club Member, I am loved and I am enough.

If you like Personal Development or want to find out how it will enhance your life while making lifelong friends, join your first SUMMIT CLUB as our free guest using Promo Code: c2c001... Simply register today and Join The Climb...

Ongoing Membership £10 per month collected by direct debit.

Choose To Climb Inspirational Book Series...

Book 3- Forever Due to be Released soon

Choose to Climb Book Series

Listen to Geraldine's - Journey to Greatness...  

Listen to Derek and Geraldine talk about Summit Club and how you can - JOIN THE CLIMB

Choose You; Choose Life; Choose Better

"Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else's hands, but not you." Jim Rohn... The best way for you to predict your future is to create it...

Choose Friendship; Choose Connection; Choose Invincibility

There are special people in all of your lives, they see you through the tough times and are your biggest fans. They celebrate with you, share in your gratitude and grow with you via and invisible support system that is infinite to call upon whenever help is needed...

Choose Energy; Choose Knowledge; Choose Passion

I have a great vision for my life; I will continue to pursue the passion that speaks to me from within. I know that in doing so I vastly increase my chances to pull it towards me, expanding my awareness and creating the person I was born to be...

Choose To Become A Climber - Summit Club Member

Become a Choose To Climb Climber with your Online membership no matter where you are in the world and gain access to exclusive content, including weekly live webinars that format a personal development training program... With book content discussions and much much more. New content published monthly....

Reaching No 1

Book 1 - Choose To Climb - Reaching Your Personal Summit.

A Reference Manual For Life's Challenges With 100 Inspirational Passages Of Clarity, Strategy and Direction.

Watch The Climb To Amazon No 1

The Surprise video is a must watch!

New Beyond

Book 2 - Choose To Climb - Beyond Your Summit.

A Reference Manual For A Life Without Limits With 100 Passages To Take You Beyond Your Limitations And Discover Your Authentic Self.

“A truly inspirational read .... I love this book ... easy to read & just pick up when you need a reminder that we are the driving force in our own life.” Amazon 5 Star

Choose To Climb Forever

Book 3 - Choose To Climb - Forever

A Laid Bare Account Of All The Things That You Are Conditioned By And How To Break The Chains.

Due for General Release summer 2020... Stay tuned

Choose To Climb Book of Inspirational Quotes1

Bonus Book - Choose To Climb - Book of Inspirational Quotes

Use The Original, Never Published, Inspirational Quotes Within To Cultivate Positive Energy And Change The Stories You Are Telling Yourself About Yourself And Your Life.

"Thought Provoking"  "Stimulating"  "Elevating"  " A voyage of discovery"  "Moving"  "Profound"

Summit Club Founders - Derek & Geraldine Mair

Derek and Geraldine have studied behavioural and mindset shift science and techniques for over 10 years. Having applied what they have learned to help hundreds of clients reach their personal summit, their mission to awaken your consciousness to better choices and a life without limits through helping you to release the mental and emotional conditioning that is holding you back. Founders of ‘Choose To Climb’, with experienced backgrounds in leadership, counselling, psychology, wellness therapies and coaching, their first of five books in the Choose To Climb series; ‘Reaching Your Personal Summit’ reached No 1 Best Seller on Amazon in the UK.


Ready to find out how you can transform every area of your life?

You cannot fix any problem in life with the same approach that you created it with...